In today's market, buyer's have more expectations of the presentation of a home.  There are several key factors that will have buyer's "snubbing" their noses.  


1.  Smelly homes.  If a buyer walks into your home and is welcomed with an unpleasant smell, they will loose interest.  Animal, food, and dirt are "turn off" smells.  

2.  Clutter.  Everyone wants space and if you have clutter, especially kitchen and bathroom counters, you loose space.  What it clutter?  Clutter is usually something you will need in the future and want to keep it in sight for the reminder.   Solution:  Baskets & totes.  There are so many decorative baskets that can hid lots of clutter.

3.  Dimly lit homes.  Back to the "needing space".  Homes that are poorly lit appear to be smaller and dreary.  Turn on those lights.  If you don't have enough lighting, invest in a couple lamps.  Outdated lighting would also fall into this category.  You may not be able to move walls or remove ugly trim, but you can update your lighting.     

4.  Popcorn ceilings.  This does become and expense and more than likely, you will not get a full return on the cost it took you to replace, but this is a major complaint with buyers.  You may want to call  "drywall doctor" and get a quote.  You may be surprised.

5.  Lastly, you the seller, can be the reason a buyer will snub their nose.  Buyer's do not feel comfortable with the seller "tagging" behind.  They will feel rushed and as if they are invading your space.  Leave them alone.