What do you do when you just absolutely have to have it, but can't afford it at the time?  Usually, we will use our credit card with the idea of paying it back later.  After a while we realize that we need to somehow dig our way out of this credit card debt.  Below are some recommendations on paying toward your credit cards:  

1. Get organized.  Look at all your open accounts.  Develop a budget.

2.  Pay off your credit card with the highest interest rate first.

3.  Pay your lowest balance off.

4.  Pay more than your minimum amount due.

5.   Call your credit card company and discuss your financial situation.  Sometime, they will lower your rate.  (exceptions apply)

6.  Do not close accounts with balances. 

Start tracking your money.  You may be surprised in the amount of money that you spend on "little things" that your could go without or supplement with something else.